I've got this awesome photo or this great woodworking project. How do I enter it into the Fair?

Entering your work into the Fair is easy. Our premium book will show you all the entry categories that are available at the Garrett County Agriculture Fair. We have hundreds of categories to choose from. If you are ready to enter and still have questions on entry day, no worries our helpful volunteers will point you in the right direction when you get to the fairgrounds. Below is a step by step process of how to enter. 

Entry Process

  1. Check out our Premium Book below and see if your item fits one of our categories. (Print copies of the book are also available in many areas around the county).
  2. Print out one of our entry forms
  3. Show up on entry day (2017 Entry day for indoor exhibits is Saturday, July 29th). Our helpful volunteers will point you in the right direction.
  4. Good Luck! Check back during the week to see if your entry(s) won.  

It's that easy...

2017 Premium Book


Want to download and print the Premium Book? Here’s our printable version

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