Farm Queen & Court Program

To be eligible to compete in the Garrett County Farm Queen program and hold the title of Farm Queen, or court member, candidates must meet all of the following eligibility requirements at the time of the Farm Queen Program and throughout the period of time that the selected individual(s) hold the title of Farm Queen or court member: 

• Be a full-time resident of Garrett County

• Be unmarried, with no children (and not expecting a child) at the time of selection as the Farm Queen, or at any point while serving as Farm Queen

• Be at least 16 years of age, but no older than 19 years of age, as of the date of the Farm Queen Program (typically the first Sunday of the Fair)

• Have a verifiable history as an exhibitor at the Garrett County Fair

• The candidate and her family must be activity engaged in an agricultural enterprise within Garrett County.

• Agree to represent the Garrett County Fair as the Farm Queen exclusively during her year long reign.

Pictured above from left to right. 2016 Garrett County Farm Queen Sara Carr, 2015 Garrett County Farm Queen Miranda Rounds

Farm Queen Documents

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